Harvest Tec equipment for the Krone baler offers higher baler output and efficiency.  PFC are supplying equipment to not only enhance the Krone baler range of large square and round balers, but also dedicated themselves to the process of enabling higher quality hay and straw production through equipment efficiency and Baler’s Choice Hay & Straw Preservative. iPad control via Bluetooth connection or through a tractor ISOBUS connection


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Krone High Moisture Wet Bale Marker


Harvest Tec Wet Bale Marker 600 Series

The wet bale marker is a simple but effective system to mark high moisture flakes.  The operator can set the preferred alarm point and when the crop being baled reaches this level of moisture the flakes are sprayed with the red food grade colour.  Only the areas of the bale that are above the alarm point will be marked.  The bale marker will work from the 600 series moisture pro and applicator on all large square and conventional balers.


Harvest Tec Wet Bale Marker for H2O Round & Conventional Series Balers

 Now a Wet Bale Marker for round and convention small square balers 

 Wet round bale marked

The operator can then keep these bales separate from the rest of the bales that are within the preferred moisture range.  When baling dry straw or hay the normal safe limit is 15% moisture, so the operator would set the alarm at 16% so that these bales can be separated.  When using the Baler’s Choice preservative baling safely up to 27% with a large square and 30% with a conventional baler, the alarm point would be changed to meet the safe baling parameters.


Marking high moisture straw and hay bales                      Wet bale marker for all square balers

bale markingDye marker for wet bales